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Bridesmaids thank you gift

Picking your bridal party and figuring out their special gifts can take time, thought…and money. Your bridesmaids who take time off work to be with you when you need them most – they deserve a gift that’s just as special as they are. Engraved keepsakes or pieces that showcase their personality are thoughtful and memorable gifts.

Bridesmaid thanks you gift

Family and friends are essential in the journey of getting married. As you plan your wedding, there can be a lot of pressure leading up to the big day. And as the bride and groom, you're often flooded with tasks, whether it's picking out your dress or finding the right photographer. 

Preside over all of these decisions with confidence with the help of family and friends – who will likely see things in different ways than you would on your own! 

Your best ally during this process should be your mum. The woman who took care of you when you were expecting, tucked you into bed, and tended to your every whim- It only makes sense that she'd take charge during the wedding planning process too. Let’s also not forget about your mother-in-law, after all, she raised the person you are marrying to be who they are today. Additionally, she welcomed you to the family like her own daughter. She needs a very special thank you gift as a token of appreciation. 

I’m a big fan of tokens of gratitude that can be enjoyed even after the wedding has come and gone, which is why I love personalized gifts for the wedding party. You can still find some wonderful jewellery that incorporates your wedding colours and theme.